Raised in Surrey, England, I was able from an early age to travel Europe and experience the works of great European masters face to face. There is something very powerful about "meeting" an original painting in a real space like a museum or gallery as opposed to a website.  Those influences persistently pop into my process as I move through the development of a painting. My early training was at Chelsea School of Art, and I moved on to study Art History and Humanities at Queen’s and University Colleges in London (which seemed more marketable) but I kept sneaking back into the studio classes. 

I currently participate a select number of the top rated Fine Art Festivals in the southeast, which allows me to meet and interact with many of my collectors, many of whom come back year after year.  I enjoy that immensely and I have met so many interesting and kind people.   Their feedback helps me to understand whether or not the viewer is "getting" what it is I'm trying to say.  A professional painter for years now, I also teach painting  classes at our local arts center, select workshops in the southeast, and now in Tuscany, Italy as well!  I also teach an Atelier class in my studios in Eustis .  

A mother of four amazing people, I live in a big, old house in little, old Eustis with my husband, the three children still at home, two dogs, three cats which are supposed to stay outside and don't, assorted ghosts, and two turtles.  The husband is the most help, the children are the most fun, the dogs and cats are good company, the ghosts are a bit strange, and the turtles are the least trouble.